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through the end of september. >>> dozens of people from across the country gathered outside the u.s. capitol to support federal and state workers. the group said federal workers would be deeply impacted if the federal government should shut down. they expressed support for workers in wisconsin and other sthits could lose their collective bargaining rights. as states look for ways to save money. >>> and their answer is to point the finger at civil servants at the local and state and federal level. people getting up early every day and going home late to serve the american people. shame on them for doing that. >>> the rally was sponsored by the national treasury employees' union. it is holding a conference in washington this week. >> the u.s. supreme court ruled today that a church in its provocative protests outside military funerals are a protected form of free speech. this case involved the maryland father's lawsuit against a fundamentalist church from kansas called westboro baptist. the church members protested outside the funeral of lance corporal matthew snyder five years ago an
mailroom and lived in an apartment in frankfurt. u.s. law enforcement officials say it's too early to know if yuka acted alone. two other airmen were wounded in yesterday's shooting. one is reportedly in critical condition. >>> outrageous, and it is unacceptable. >> today president obama repeated his call for libyan leader moammar gadhafi to step down. and he condemned gadhafi's violent crackdown on libyan citizens. he also warped the people around gadhafi that the world is watching, and he said they will be held accountable for their actions. in addition, the president announced the u.s. is launching an airlift to bring food, water and medical supplies to thousands of refugees on libya's border with tunisia. once the relief supplies are off loaded, the planes will fly stranded egyptian refugees back to egypt. >>> when we come back on news4 at 5:00 tonight, why a creepy crawler is leading one automaker to recall thousands of vehicles. >>> also ahead, the predictions are in. why the forecast is for an early peak season for the cherry blossoms. >>> women, listen up. why the makeup industry i
said u.s. involvement in libya will be limited in had time and scope. he is expected to expand on that tonight. we will, of course, be carrying the president's address. you can watch it here on nbc 4, beginning at 7:30. >>> and now to the disaster in japan, where contamination levels at a damaged nuclear power plant have now reached new highs. the amount of radiation in the water that's been flooding the fukushima plant spiked today to levels 100,000 times higher than normal. higher levels of radiation were also found in the soil and the sea water along the japanese coast. the contamination is believed to be the result of a partial meltdown in the core of the complex following the march 11th earthquake and tsunami. another strong 6.5 aftershock rattled that country this morning, adding to the sense of unease for people there. and some students from fukushima are here in our area, visiting an elementary school in did yourwood, maryland. jane watrel is in our newsroom with that story. jane? >> wendy, the family has relatives in montgomery county, and since schools in their hometo
sri lanka after winning a lottery and a trip to the u.s. with work privileges. they moved in with his uncle. who was working in his yard on bantry way when he heard the shots. >> he was alive at that moment. so he was alive. and then i was trying -- he was trying to tell something it looked like to me. but i don't know. after that, someone called 911. >> reporter: this is the second murder in olney in less than a week. last friday evening they found an 81-year-old dead at his home in the 19500 block of olney hill road. police now say it was a homicide, that mr. ahmed was fatally shot. police are investigating to determine if there's aink between these two shootings. >> at this time our detectives are trying to determine if there was any relationship between these two individuals, who on the surface would appear not to have a relationship. so this does take time for detectives to sift through what possible link there might be between these two murders. >> reporter: now, at this hour, police have no suspects, and no motive in either of these murders. they want the public's help. witness
-worker at the lululemon yoga store. >> attacks continue in libya, but president obama says the u.s. role there is about to change. >>> a teacher from virginia went on a mission to japan and found herself caught in the middle of a devastating earthquake and tsunami. >>> but we begin with that case of murder at the lululemon store, and a new answer as to why one woman would allegedly beat a co-worker to death. good evening, i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim vance. dorene is off tonight. 28-year-old brittney norwood appeared in court in rockville today. she was the victim turned suspect now in the murder of jana murray, and a murder this month at the lululemon store in bethesda. for the first time, prosecutors revealed that an alleged fight over
that four internal investigations are almost complete. and findings will be turned over to the u.s. attorney's office. the washington examiner first reported allegations that mckinley technology high school principal david pernd doctored student transcripts giving grades for courses some students didn't take. he is seen here in a previous tv appearance. he he is not coming on the allegations. we are told he attend ad citywide principal's meeting today and therefore was not at the school for an awards ceremony. we spoke to the assistant principal. >> feel really proud of all of our students here at mckinley. >> i have to ask you, the recent reports of allegations of cheating from the principal here at mckinley, what is your reaction? has it been a distraction? >> i can't really comment on that situation at this time. >> reporter: the washington examiner reported allegations that principal david pender was listed as the teacher of a number media courses in which most students were given a "p" for passing and never given blow a "c" grade. the "washington post" reports pender doesn't teach class
in libya. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton told congress today that the u.s. must lead the international response and warned that libya is at a tipping point right now. >> the entire region is changing. and a strong and strategic american response is essential. in the years ahead, libya could become a peaceful democracy, or it could face protracted civil war, or it could descend into chaos. >> in the meantime, the united nations is warning that the stage is set for a humanitarian crisis at libya's border with tunis tunisia. 75,000 people have fled to the border in recent days. >>> back home tonight, get ready for another round of roller coaster temperatures up there. >> chief meteorologist doug cameron is here with what we can expect next. doug? >> six flags, maybe king's dominion, going up and down, that's the way we're going to be looking at things over the next couple of details. right now, pretty nice afternoon. but still a little bit on the cool side. 46 degrees right now in the washington area. 46 in frederick, maryland. 46 in sterling. and 45 down towards quantic
is fragmented, ununder pressure and crumbling. >> u.s. officials have not yet decided whether to provide arms to the libyan rebels. government sources say that teams of cia operatives are on the ground in libya, have been there for weeks, trying to learn more about the identities of those rebels. >> as the disaster in japan continues to unfold, there's more evidence the tsunami damaged nuclear complex is still leaking radiation. the ground water under one reactor is now showing radiation levels 10,000 times higher than they should be. and radiation in the sea water near the plant has also grown to nearly 4,400 times the amount allowed by law. the government is being pressured to extend the evacuation zone around the plant. here in the states, the epa announced it found trace amounts of radioactive iodine in milk after tests were conducted in california and washington state. authorities say the levels were minute and pose no health threat. >>> back at home, a group of american university students rallied against the administration over sexual assault funding. >> what do we want? vawa. >> when
the u.s. attorney to look into the issue to get everyone under oath. news4 also confirmed brown was invited to capitol hill tuesday to meet with staff members of a house oversight committee. but it was considered informational only. but there is fear that this controversy could wind up inviting congressional action if it's not cleared up quickly. jim and wendy, back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, tom. >>> we all know traffic is terrible, right? in fact, our region ranks number four in the nation when it comes to gridlock. up next, the one road that's notorious for backups. >>> there is still no sign of a northern virginia mother missing for more than a month. what investigators took from inside her boyfriend's home that could reveal exactly what happened. >>> and charlie sheen unloaded, declaring war on warner brothers today. he turns to the internet for support. [ male announcer ] this...is the network. a living, breathing intelligence that's helping business rethink how to do business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn... ♪ in here, machines have a voice...
with paprika color extract. in the u.s. the same product was made with red 40. the grocery manufacturers issued a statement saying there is no clear link between colors and hyper activity in children. and quote, we are always producing the safest possible products. experts stay use of artificial colors in the u.s. has increase bid half over the past 20 years. and a fresh look at the effect is overdue. >> the regulation has not kept up with our consuming habits. >> reporter: the vans still enjoy the basic kids' staples lycopene it butter and jelly. they now include a lot of label reading. >> that's it for news4 at 5:00. news4 at 6:00 starts now. >>> a year ago, a number of teenagers were shot down in one of the deadliest shootings in over a decade in the district. today an event helping ensure it doesn't happen again. >> we've got rain, a little sleet as this spring weather continues. >>> in the category of who would have thunk it? vcu on the way now to the final four. >> we begin with some breaking news this evening. three plenty in jail tonight. they are accused of murdering
. >> thanks, veronica. >>> u.s. park police are starting the busy tourist season with a crime investigation. on the mall. >> two men jumped a pedestrian yesterday near the hirshwarren museum. >> what they're doing to keep the grounds safe. >> reporter: not far from the popular merry-go-round on the mall, the mugging monday brought plenty of police to this winding garden path. it lies between the hershhorn museum and arts and industries building. a man was mugged here in the heart of the national mall area just as the peak spring tourist season begins. >> two suspects approached him and pushed him to the ground. after they pushed him to the ground, they rifled through his pockets. they didn't take anything from him. >> reporter: the path is a popular pass-through to independence avenue. the two youth, one wearing a mask, ran off after the assault. the man suffered minor injuries. the incident took only moments. police are still investigating the crime. a rare incident of violence in this popular area. >> we've had one crime that was a violent crime against a person that happened about three
serious that the federal u.s. attorney needs to investigate it. more on that, coming up on news4 at 6:00. jim and wendy, back to you guys. >> all right. we'll see you then. tom sherwood. thank you, tom. >>> we are following some breaking news from prince george's county after a man was shot by a county police officer this afternoon. >> police are still on the scene on ray leonard road right now in palmer park. news4's jackie bensen is also there with new details. jackie? >> reporter: jim, the shots rang out about 2:30, just minutes before the school buses started rolling in to this very residential neighborhood. it's just a short distance from the district to police station. now, here's what we have been told. a number of people had called 911 to say a man was walking up and down the 1800 block of ray leonard road, brandishing a handgun. now, we're told that at one point, he pointed the gun at a neighborhood teenager, who had walked up to him and told him to get out of the area. >> when officers arrived on scene, they encountered the individual that was being called about. that indivi
. >>> the cherry blossom symbolizing a special bond between the u.s. and japan, blooming in washington in the wake of one of the deadliest earthquakes in years. >> we begin with an air traffic controller off the job tonight because he left the tower unmanned at national airport. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> and i'm wendy rieger.
. >> in the u.s. so only for your hair, don't put it on your skin. if you want to listen to the fda. >> interesting. >>> our next question comes from dotty, a viewer. she wants to know, what should she do with all of those credit cards -- real credit cards that come in the mail with credit card offers, and how does she get them to stop? >> the federal trade commission helpeds with this answer. it recommends shredding any credit card offers you receive, and be sure to cut up those credit cards, as well, to avoid any identity theft. you can opt out, by the way, of all prescreened credit card offers by visiting opt-out prescreen.com. or by calling 1-88 8-5 opt out. and since offers for insurance are not used in calculating your credit card score, opting out of these offers will have no effect on your credit card score. it works. i do that, i dial that number and opt out. >>> if you have a question you would like us to consider, send it to askliz@nbc washington do you mean. also use this address to contact us about any idea you have. connect with me on twitter, search liz crenshaw and o
of the most wanted criminals in our area. it appears the east coast rapist may have been caught. the u.s. marshals office in new haven, connecticut arrested a man this afternoon believed to be responsible for at least 17 attacks dating back to 1997. some of the attacks took place in virginia and maryland. >>> a one-day nurses' strike continues at the washington hospital center. other workers and labor leaders joined today's rally. the nurses' union says it needs more staffing to improve patient care. more than 100 nurses on the regular staff did report to work, along with temporary staff. >>> same-sex marriage is one step closer to being legalized in maryland tonight. a house committee voted 12-10 to approve the bill this afternoon. that bill, which already had been passed in the house or the senate, rather, now goes to the full house of delegates. now let's fast forward to the weather. doug? >> and guys, that weather looking good out there today. temperatures, a little bit warmer than they were yesterday, by about 10 degrees in most locations. 48 degrees currently outside right now, hum
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